WIS. 28th REGMT., CO. G

 May 1864

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There are two versions of this portion of James B Lockney's Civil War Journal.  The short entries were copied directly from his field diaries.  The more lengthy journal appears to have been composed by Lockney after the war, based on the uniform penmanship and cleanliness of the paper. 


Tuesday 3, May 1864

River is very high. Days are pleasant. Flowers bloom in vast beauty & profusion but War blights all. I wrote some May 4 Wednesday. Pine Bluff Weather continues pleasant. Gun boat went down the River. I mailed letters to Matt & Maria. All well


May 5 Thursday 1864

Today was pleasant. Many are on fatigue duty. Some of the boys got tite Geo. Church was so


May 6. Friday 1864.

Day is pleasant. I am on guard in Camp. On dress Parade there were about 320 all told. strong works are made for cannon about town. I am very well.


May 7, Saturday, 1864.

All our force was waked at 3 1/2 to 4 A.M. ready for a fight. I am well. Dress parad[e] was at 5 1/2 I am very well. May 8 Sunday, Pine Bluff. I attended at Presbyterian Church A.M. & P.M. Chaplain Reake Preached last. Day was pleasant. I got a rose from a little Girl. I am very well.


May 9 Monday 1864

Little going on in Camp. I was on fatigue duty a short time in A.M. A light shower fell. Most of the boys got whiskey. 5 or 6 did not take it. our work was on breastworks. Rebels took Plymoth N.C We lost 1500 to 2000 men, Killed, wounded & Pris. & 20 cannons also two light gunboats.


May 10 Tuesday, Pine Bluff.

Last night I, Lewis, & Griffing were on Picket. 18 & two sergts were on the party. We got back to camp at 5 1/2. Night was showery. Day was cloudy & a shower fell P.M. I had a short nap. I am well.


May 11 Wednesday, 1864.

Slept well Last night. Day was pleasant. We caught some fish & ate some for dinner & breakfast I wrote some & am well.


May 12 Thursday, 1864

Day was pleasant & warm a detail of 95 men--8 from our Co--was at work on earthworks & a battery. I was one. We reported at 6 3/4 A.M. & worked till 5 1/2 P.M. Whiskey was given to the boys. Lewis, Hinkly or I took none. None were allowed in through the lines to go out again


May 13 Friday, 1864. Pine Bluff

Fell out early to roll call & stocked arms. Day was dry & pleasant A Heavy detail is on the Works. Yesterday flag of truce party returned but did not get Capt. Townsend's body. They were out four days. I wrote some birthday verses for Maria. I am well


May 14 Saturday 1864.

Day was pleasant & bright. A.M. mail came from Little Rock I got four letters one from Matt, one from Maria, Anna, & Catharine, one from M. Gilbert & a letter from Sec. of State, St. Paul. All were well 27 *** & 2 inst. weather had been backward.


May 15 Sunday, Pine Bluff.

Day is clear & bright with foggy morning. I was at Catholic service A.M. & on fatigue on breastworks P.M. 100 men were from our Regt. I am very well.


May 16 Monday, 1864.

Weather is pleasant. We catch some fish, so we have a plenty to eat some to sell. I & Clark & Turny have got our money back. I got $2.25 today. I am very well. I was on Camp guard.


May 17 Tuesday Pine Bluff

I came off guard at 4 3/4 this A.M. Sky is cloudy, but day was sunny & is pleasant. heavy details for fatigue are made each day. I keep on writing so as to be ready when Mail comes.


May 18 Wednesday, 1864.

I was on fatigue duty this A.M. May 26 Thursday, Pine Bluff. Morning Cool. P.M. hot. Day breezy. Grand Review by Gen. Steele & staff & Col. Clayton P.M. May 27 Friday. Day was breezy, & clear. sent a letter to Matt. & one to Thomas Brogar Gen Steele & staff went up the River.



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